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Schofield 2024 Seminar Schedule is LIVE! Join us in 2024!

Register with the MoChihChu office (800) 554-3260 or online

Training Rhinos: To take advantage of your registration coaching specials online, please follow the bellow instructions

Rhino Digital; Member: Please use your name in the promo code area of checkout to save 25% off your registration Example: FredSchofield

1 on 1 Doctors: Please use your name in the promo code area of checkout to waive your registration fee Example: SusanSchofield


Join us in September for virtual events all month long with Dr. Fred's SPIZZ on Tuesdays, Dr. FJ's live Q&A Mastermind (free to join!) on Tuesday, September 12th and Susan's CA Webinar live on Tuesday, September 12th. Call us to register for any of these virtual events or our next seminars: Chicago - October 20/21 Tempe - December 1/2


Join us for a RhinoRific August!! DENVER SEMINAR THIS MONTH


Your JULY dates! Keep Charging Rhinos


Your JUNE dates! We'll see you in AUSTIN, TEXAS on the 16/17th


This is a Recording of Dr. Fred's Meditation Visualization that he facilitated Live at the Costa Mesa, California April 2023 Seminar.


Hi Rhinos!

April is a big month, with our first seminar of 2023! We'll be in Costa Mesa, California on April 21 & 22 Marriott Costa Mesa

Friday: 8:30pm for Dr. Fred's Power Hour

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Preorders due by April 13th - use PREORDER at checkout

Dr. Fred is BACK in the USA! Normal call times and LIVE Tuesday Spizz talks!

Dr. FJ's next Q&A is April 11th @11am EST

Susan's next CA Webinar is April 11th @12pm EST


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